Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Star Wars Personalized Books for Kids at Mabel's Labels

Star Wars Personalized Book

This holiday season, treat the little Star Wars fan in your life to a unique adventure with a new personalized Star Wars book for kids! In the Mabel's Labels Personalized Book: My Adventures with Star Wars, Princess Leia is being held hostage by Darth Vader and the Imperial Forces. The star of the book helps Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3PO rescue the beautiful princess and help the Rebel Alliance restore freedom and justice to the Galaxy.

Discover all the great new products Mabel's Labels has for the holidays. There are all sorts of ways to be merry with Mabel's this year!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Little Passports Easy 4-Step Halloween Craft for Kids

Have your little Explorers been running around in their costumes since Oct 1? If it is like my house, they haven't worn anything else! It is fun to see their creativity come to life. Sometimes, however, it is hard to keep up with all their creativity and endless costume changes!

That is why I love this week's Little Passports blog Post, Easy 4-step Halloween Craft. It is an easy Halloween craft sure to delight your darlings in disguise!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Time to Reveal New Stella & Dot Arrivals

Stella & Dot Watches

Busy work from home moms! Get on-the-dot style with Stella & Dot's new Icon-convertible watch in black, rose gold, and stone. You'll love the versatility of these new watches, which have arrived just in time to set your style for the pre-holiday season. These gorgeous new watches feature interchangeable bezels (2 included) that easily twist off so you can change-up your look.

The mother-of-pearl watch faces come with a stainless steel buckle and the watch is made with high quality Quartz movement to provide accuracy within seconds per month. With Daylight Savings Time right around the corner, these watches have arrived at the perfect time to help you transition from one season to the next.

The watch's leather strap can also be removed and replaced with an interchangeable double wrap strap in latte or black (sold separately).

Get style on the dot with these new Icon-convertible watches from Stella & Dot.

Icon Convertable Watch Black Icon Convertable Watch Rose Gold 
Icon Convertable Watch Stone

Monday, October 12, 2015

Top 10 Things You're Paying Too Much For

There is an abundance of products on the market that appeal to consumers with flashy advertising and convenience, but drive them to spend too much money. Through awareness of different discount options that are available and cutting out unnecessary spending, it’s easy to save on everyday products. Here is a list of ten things that you’re paying too much for:

·         Name-Brand: Whether its beauty products, pain relievers, clothes or other everyday items, give new products and brands a chance., a new social deals website, provides consumers with deep discounts on new products in exchange for reviewing the product on Amazon. Most of the deals are between 30-90% off of regular retail price for Snagshout users who are willing to try the product and leave an honest review within two weeks of purchase.
·         Cell phones: There is no need to be locked in to a phone contract when same benefit, no-contract options are available. GIV Mobile is a no-contract wireless provider offering unlimited plans starting at just $20 per month. Utilizing T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, GIV Mobile’s five affordable unlimited no-contract plans allow users to have fast and reliable connections from nearly anywhere in the U.S. They are also the first consumer conscious, no-contract service dedicated to giving 8% of every customer’s monthly plan amount to a non-profit charity of the customer’s choice.
·         Hygiene Products: Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner can rack up the grocery bill. You should never have to pay full price. As all of these items go on sale periodically throughout the year. Score the most savings by purchasing several at a time during the price drop to last until the next sale. This can save you money and disappointment the morning of running out.
·         Haircuts: Haircuts can be expensive, especially if your cut requires you to frequent the salon more than a few times a year. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money and still get a great cut, like visiting a salon training facility, or even cutting your own.
·         Meat: Whether you’re shopping for one person or for a family of six, buying groceries isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to meat. Thankfully there are tips to help stretch your dollar for one of the most overpriced grocery items in stores, like keeping your eye on the expiration date or having the butcher slice the meat for you.
·         Movies: Movies are incredibly pricey, especially if you aren’t aware of available movie theatre discounts. Fortunately, there are plenty of deals that you can score without putting a lot of effort into the search, just let the deals come to you! Enjoying a movie in the comfort of your own home can save even more cash; with RedBox rentals starting at $1.60, that adds up to about six movies at home for less than the price of one in the theatre.
·         Late Payments: You’re definitely paying too much for late payments, because you can cut those out entirely. Unnecessary payments made to the bank after an accidental bounced check or an overdraft start to add up. Keep track of your account balance and spending habits to avoid unnecessary fees and save money in the long run. Follow these banking tips, or try a site like Mint - your wallet will thank you later.
·         Water: Bottled water is marketed as a fresh, chemical-free alternative to tap water. However, it isn’t any different from the water from the kitchen sink. While it might be convenient, bottled water is costing you a significant amount of money that could be put toward an at-home water filter. Plus, the negative impact that plastic bottles have on the environment is nothing to take lightly.
·         Cable: With Netflix and other online sites for streaming TV shows online, cable is not a necessity. However, if you enjoy kicking back on Sundays watching your favorite NFL teams go head to head, you can always borrow some advice for discounts with your cable provider to pay a little less than you currently do.
·         Electricity: Keeping electric devices plugged in, especially when not in use, can increase an electric bill. For some customers, these “phantom charges” make up 10% of the bill! Learn ways to cut the cost, and in turn, be more energy efficient.

Source: Omar Aqel, co-founder of GIV Mobile or Paul Johnson, CEO and founder of Snagshout.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Halloween Tote {While Supplies Last}

Skulls Tote Banner

Calling all busy moms!  Treat yourself to a free skull-printed canvas tote when you purchase and ship any Honest Bundle before November 15th.  All you need to do is enter promo code SKULLS at checkout.

Offer Terms: Offer valid for purchase of a Bundle. Promo code can be entered at checkout or current Bundle subscribers can enter the promo code into the “Promotions & Credits” section in My Account. Bundle must ship by November 15, 2015 for the promotion to be valid. Promotion valid while supplies last or through October 31, 2015, 11:59pm PT. Limit one tote per customer. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, the purchase of gift cards or gift bundles. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with any other promotion. Terms of offer are subject to change. This promo will be running through the end of the month or until supplies last.

Benefits of Bundles

Honest Bundles truly make life easier for your readers. They are also the most cost-effective way to get premium, eco-friendly Honest products conveniently delivered every month!

You will not only save up to 40% off when you Bundle your favorite Honest products, you'll also get to choose the products you need and want, mix and match products, decide how often your Bundle ships, and pay only when your Bundle has been shipped. Bundles include: Diapers & Wipes Bundle; Essentials Bundle; Organic Infant Formula + DHA Bundle; and the Health & Wellness Bundle.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stella & Dot's Relic Statement Necklace

Necklace layering can create such a cool-yet-classy look. But it can sometimes be tricky as the individual strands can get tangled, not be the right length, etc. This is why I love this necklace from Stella & Dot. It's their striking Relic Statement Necklace. You can wear it long and dramatic or short and shiny as it comes with two extenders for maximum length and versatility. Each layer includes hand-strung semi-precious beads giving you a laid-back layered look all in one necklace. Love. It.

Shop the look at Stella & Dot to see all the different ways you make a statement with this necklace.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Refer Friends and Earn Cash at Inbox Dollars

Have you heard of Inbox Dollars?  It's a wonderful online rewards club that truly pays!  As a work from home mom, I use this to earn extra cash, especially around the holiday season.  As you know, every little bit helps.  

Upon sign up, you instantly get a $5 bonus.  You also get a little cash here and there to read emails, take surveys, search the web, etc.  If you refer friends, you can earn even more.  It definitely depends on how much you put into it, though you won't get rich.  

Have you signed up for Inbox Dollars yet?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The {Free} Online Mom Conference October 13, 14, and 15


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could attend trainings by all the best authors and speakers on motherhood topics? Well, guess what? You can. And it’s free. And you don’t even have to leave your house to participate.

The Mom Conference is a totally FREE three-day online event featuring some truly amazing speakers and YOU are invited to attend!
Join over 100,000 moms around the world on October 13, 14, and 15th and come away armed with powerful new strategies for everything from sibling rivalry to healthy eating to finding more joy in motherhood.
Register for FREE now at the following link:

Being a mom can be overwhelming at times, right?! The Mom Conference involves 20 online classes to make motherhood more enjoyable. 20 rock star speakers (mostly moms) will be teaching you how to:
  • Help your children to embrace healthy foods while teaching them to cook
  • Get your kids to listen without yelling, nagging, or reminding (this will change your life)
  • Get in shape and eat the right foods to feel and look better (you’ll learn you can actually eat MORE than you’re eating right now and lose fat and inches!)
  • Simple ways to teach your children – babies through teens – the values and character traits that will help them be successful and happy
  • Organize any space and keep it that way (what?!)
  • Get in shape and come away with an even BETTER body than you had before babies
  • Actually accomplish the things you need to accomplish WHILE prioritizing motherhood
  • Understand what’s going on in your child’s brain (it’s amazing how much better we can parent when we understand what’s going on in those little heads!)
  • Find more joy in motherhood
Sounds amazing, right?
Here is a list of the incredible presenters:
  • Dr Laura Markham, Clinical Psychologist, bestselling author and discipline expert at Aha Parenting (Raising Siblings to be Best Friends)
  • Jordan Page, family finance expert and founder of (Simple Ideas for Serious Family Fun)
  • Katie Kimball, expert on healthy eating for families and founder of Kitchen Stewardship (Want Responsible and Healthy Kids? Teach Them to Cook and Eat Real Food)
  • Jonathan Bailor, NYT #1 Bestselling author of The Calorie Myth, founder of, and CEO for the wellness technology company Yopti® (How to Turbocharge Your Energy & Mood Immediately with the Right Foods)
  • Amy McCready, positive discipline expert and author and creator of Positive Parenting Solutions (The Positive Side of Misbehavior – Consequences That Work! )
  • Dr. Carrie Contey, expert on personal growth through parenting, founder of (Slow Down for Way more Space and Joy in Family Life)
  • Rich Christensen, NYT #1 Bestselling author on business, goal-setting expert and founder of The Zigzag Principle (Raising Teenage Titans)
  • Richard and Linda Eyre, NYT #1 Bestselling authors who run Valuesparenting (Simple and Powerful Ways to Teach Children Values)
  • Holly Rigsby, fitness expert who runs (5 Key Strategies To Get an Even Better Body After Babies)
  • Jill Nystul, author and founder of (Dealing with Depression and Other Big Bumps in the Road)
  • Shawni Pothier, founder of the popular mom-blog, 71 Toes (Finding More Joy in Motherhood)
  • John C. Maxwell, NYT #1 bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 25 million books in fifty languages. (How to Be Present in a Distracted World)
  • Crystal Paine, financial and lifestyle expert and founder of Money Saving Mom (The Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference)
  • Rachel Ramsey Cruze, author and financial planning expert at, daughter of Dave Ramsey (Smart Money, Smart Kids)
  • Marla Cilley (a.k.a. the Fly Lady), author, home organization and cleaning mentor, founder of (Are You Living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?)
  • Christy Wright, business coach, speaker, Dave Ramsey personality, and writer at (Creating Better Life Balance)
  • Dr. Robert Mellilo, a clinician, professor, brain researcher and bestselling author at and Tammy Bingham, researcher, autism and developmental expert, entreprenuer (Helping Children Overcome Learning and Developmental Challenges)
  • April Perry, productivity expert and co-founder of Power of Moms (Five Steps to Getting More Done with Less Stress)
  • Saren Eyre Loosli, family organization expert and co-founder of Power of Moms (The Three Basic Systems Every Family Needs)
  • Desiree Ward, healthy eating expert and founder of Unconventional Kitchen (Simple Ways to Feed Your Family Healthy Foods)
And to help you avoid procrastination (we know how it goes!), if you register RIGHT NOW, you’ll have access to the following FREE GIFTS as soon as your registration has been completed!
– FREE Video: Simple Tips for Teaching Children Values (by NYTimes #1 Bestselling Authors, Richard and Linda Eyre)
– FREE Program: Clutter Buster Kit from Power of Moms
– FREE Guide: 75 Quick and Healthy Snacks
Come listen ONLINE and be inspired October 13, 14 and 15th!
Register for FREE at the following link today:
See you at The Mom Conference!

Detroit Retail Industry Looking for Financing in 2016

Merchant Cash USA, an alternative finance business lender, surveyed entrepreneurs across the U.S. to see if individuals in 2016 were interested in jump-starting a new business venture in a particular industry, through funding from a merchant cash advance. 
Alternative financing is quickly becoming one of the top ways many people in a variety of industries look for funding. Today, most banks won’t even consider giving out a loan that is less than $200,000. Merchant cash advances are quickly becoming a way for business owners to get smaller amounts of cash to help when something inevitably goes awry during their fiscal year. The Small Business Administration recently released a report in which they explain the benefits of alternative financing. Economic researcher, Miriam Segal explains, “Peer-to-peer loans offer the benefits of an expedited application process, smaller loan amounts, and shorter terms.”
Alternative financing organization Merchant Cash USA, surveyed individuals across the country to see what cities were most interested in getting financing in 2016, and in what area of industry. The organization surveyed 4,245 male and female entrepreneurs from various areas around the country to see who would use alternative financing to jumpstart a particular business.
Merchant Cash USA’s email survey asked people basic questions such as name, particular industry interested in, why cash was necessary to jumpstart a new business idea, and why they would be interested in a cash advance. The top five cities that were most interested are listed below.
Top Cities Using Alternative Financing to Jumpstart a Business in 2016
1.     Detroit, MI – Retail Industry – 76 percent
2.     Austin, TX – Restaurant/Catering Industry - 72 percent
3.     Minneapolis, MN – Hotel/Motel Industry - 69 percent
4.     Albuquerque, NM – Retail Industry - 64 percent
5.     Indianapolis, IN –– Restaurant/Catering Industry - 61 percent
Detroit business owners it seems are looking to revitalize their city economically, and think that a merchant cash advance would be a great way to finance retail businesses through future sales transactions. 76 percent of Detroit entrepreneurs said they would use a cash advance to help open up a local shop.
While the restaurant industry has long been a supporter of merchant cash advances, it comes as no surprise that Austin, a city that is known for its great dining scene, has entrepreneurs who are most interested in using alternative financing to open up new restaurant or catering businesses.
“It can be somewhat difficult to open a business in any city, and Detroit in particular has struggled economically over the last five years,” says the Chief Communications Officer of Merchant Cash USA Darrin Landau. "A merchant cash advance is a great viable option for entrepreneurs looking to boost Detroit’s economy through opening their own small business."  
About Merchant Cash USA  
Merchant Cash USA was founded in 2015 to help businesses grow by obtaining the cash flow they need. The organization's mission is to offer small to medium size business owners cash advances without the hassle of big bank requirements. Visit to find out more of follow us on social media. Facebook and Google Plus: Merchant Cash USA and Twitter: @merchcash.  

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