Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog Meets Brand Launches Social Influencer Campaign Management Platform

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This innovative marketing service helps businesses grow their sales and brand by bringing bloggers and advertisers together with a new and easy-to use digital tool.

New York, N.Y,  June 13, 2014/ -- A new platform,, debuts today which allows marketers to build custom social campaigns that channel the value of bloggers and other social drivers. In fact, Blog Meets Brand is the first social management tool to feature a self-serve campaign planning module that gives marketers, PR Firms, Ad Agencies and small businesses a clear and structured approach for creating and developing influencer marketing programs.

Today bloggers represent one of the fastest growing distribution channels of information and are often the reason consumers discover innovative brands and new-to-market products. Blog Meets Brand allows marketers to access those influencers and create custom messages in a variety of formats from text to video and share them across multiple social channels. Blog Meets Brand harnesses the power of influential bloggers with simple, easy to use steps that spreads the word about brands, products and events for both B2C and B2B marketers

"We’ve taken years of experience building blogger campaigns for brands and boiled it down to a few simple steps” said Sherri Langburt, co-founder and CEO of Blog Meets Brand. "Now brands can activate blogger campaigns in-house and agencies can extend these social services to their clients or leverage Blog Meets Brand internally to satisfy the ongoing demand for native content placements.”

Blog Meets Brand boasts a network of thousands of pre-qualified bloggers and relies on a proprietary rating system that selects bloggers based on an exclusive formula, setting a new and more holistic standard for success. The system eliminates the ongoing obstacles for advertisers of identifying, recruiting and assigning blogging talent to a project. Blog Meets Brand also handles payment negotiations and processing to bloggers which reduces operational costs and overhead.


iBlog Magazine for Professional Women 

For marketers, Blog Meets  Brand’s unique branded content  approach, presents itself as instant and  dedicated PR via influencer  reviews, testimonials and endorsements, as brands  need advocates who  can share their stories. Also featured is a performance tracking  system  which provides clients with unprecedented level of data and access to   detailed campaign metrics and ROI analysis. 

Blog Meets Brand was built to fill an enormous  void in the  marketplace – to help companies harness the power of social media   utilizing bloggers to convey the right targeted message to their buying   audience quickly and economically.

For full details on the functionality of the  site go to <a href=

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