Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Money Making Business Mom

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Obviously, if you own a business your goal for it is to succeed right?  It's a challenge for some and just comes easy for others.  It definitely has not come easy for me.  My home business {type of work} is basically blogging.  If I am not earning money, at least I get free stuff for my family.  I wish I could pour more into it than I already do, but it's a choice I make as my 3 girls keep me busy on top of homeschooling.

As they grow older, I would like to invest more time into my blogging to see how much money I can actually accumulate over time.  I just don't know if I will ever return to the work world so it's nice to see if I can really make an income right in the comfort of my own home.


A few of years ago I was making over $1,000 a month all the while teaching part time.  This was before my third baby entered the scene and I wasn't homeschooling at the time.  It was wonderful.  Since then, I have had to die down significantly.  It's been a tough decision, but my kids mean more to me than money.  Thankfully, my husband is blessed with a great income so that I may stay at home.  This took 6 years for this to become a reality. 

If you work from home with a craft business, direct sales business, etc., what are your goals to succeed?  Are you achieving what you desire or do you need to put a plan in place?  I would love to hear from you.  I am trying not to become discouraged as I am making a small income, but desire to make much more.  Just a little torn, but the mommy side of me is winning at this point.  I am sure in time, I will achieve my goals and be the money making business mom I always dreamed of.


Mel S. said...

Now that my daughter is older, I am working on goals myself. I have accomplished a lot blogging and have been freelancing but I think I will take it further---trying to figure out how right now!

Cyn123 said...

Balance with little ones, household demands and working from home isn't easy. I too work from home and there are struggles that come along with it for me also. I truly love the flexibility this life style brings to my life. I also wish I could bring in more $ than I do. I have the capabilities of making $ if I had more time. Right now for me....is the time I need to be more available for my family and making more money needs to be on the backburner. A few years ago, time was more available and I did earn more. Needless to say, we cannot do it all. There will be a time again when I can work more to earn more. I am one of the lucky ones to continue to earn residual income monthly with the business I have established even if I don't have a busy working month. That monthly check helps out, but also lets me realize there is more for the taking if I so choose. We are only moms once, so spend your time wisely.

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