Monday, March 31, 2014

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 Whether you are an experienced blogger or just starting out, there are 10 mistakes bloggers easily make. Danielle Herzog of Martinis and Minivans will discuss her experiences to save you from making the same mistakes.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Reasons Why Most Biz Websites Fail in Detroit

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I was recently contacted about " CEO David Chen as one of the world's foremost experts on how to create more simple and effective business websites."
According to David's in-depth analysis of hundreds of local Detroit business websites, most fail because of three key mistakes:
  • Mobile traffic now accounts for 20% of all website traffic, but most Detroit business websites don't optimize for mobile navigation, reduced clicking, and infinite scrolling.
  • Most business websites in Detroit have excessive content in complicated page hierarchies instead of focusing visitors on what is most important.
  • Because most businesses in Detroit don't have a plan to keep their website current (and have to pay an outside company to do so), their websites are chock full of old information that harms the brand.

Even though this info points out Detroit, I believe these tips can apply to any business website in Michigan.  These are excellent reasons.  I have definitely taken these to heart myself as a blogger.  It's important to stay on top of things especially with the constantly changing times we are living in.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enter the LEGO® KidsFest {GIVEAWAY} on Michigan Mom Living

I am so excited to share with you that LEGO®  KidsFest will be returning to Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showplace on April 25-27, 2014!  I didn’t make it last year so my girls are pretty excited for this fun opportunity.  I am also super excited to be hosting a giveaway for this big event. Whoot!

For details and to enter giveaway...CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Tips for Entrepreneurial Newbies

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Are you new to starting a business?  Here are 5 excellent tips for Entrepreneurial Newbies according to Zeeshan Kaba:

  1. Understand and embrace the level of commitment you are about to put forward to make your idea/product successful. Starting a business is not easy, but if you’re prepared to take the downs with the ups, you will find your work extremely rewarding. 
  2. Set goals for the short, middle, and long term every month. Realize that those goals will change and be prepared to adjust.
  3.  Hire smart. Startups require a different type of culture and mentality. Get to know your team on a personal level to ensure that these are people who will enhance your culture and add value to the company. Making the wrong hire can really hurt the growth of a startup. 
  4. Take a step back, shut up and listen. When you’re passionate, it’s easy to get worked up. If you don't like what you've heard, step back, process it, write things down, and give yourself time to cool off. Then speak logically about the issues at hand.
  5.  Don't beat yourself up. It's impossible to perform at your highest level ALL of the time. If you’re having an off day, assess the positive, go home an hour early and take some time to relax, meditate, and re-focus. Then come back the next day ready to CRUSH IT.
"On a freezing cold day in 2011, Zeeshan Kaba was struck with debilitating allergies.  He reached into his pocket and found only a Halls cough drop, which wasn't going to help in in that moment.  Then a light bulb went on that would change his life.  He thought: There are tons of options if you have a cold.  Cold-eez, Halls, and Ricola, to name a few.  But why were there no 'quick fixes' for allergies? All of a sudden, he was on a mission-so he went home and called his cousin, Dr. Omar Javery.  Together, the two of them began developing AllergEase, a tasty, all-natural lozenge that relieves the symptoms of allergies fast."

A year later, they had a product.  The next year, they had distribution with major retailers.  A year after that, they had loyal customers across the United States, reaching one-million in revenue and steadily growing!


This should definitely encourage you to push forward with your goals! I know it has encouraged me. Don't give up! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Celebrate new Clients with a Yummy Irish Coffee Cake

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You don't have to be irish to be lucky on St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as new clients, try out this amazing coffee cake!  It's a popular Irish dessert and even has a Irish Whiskey Glaze.  I am not one to drink alcohol such as Whiskey, but I am sure it tastes differently as a glaze.  I had a rum cake once and it was superb! 

If you have a favorite client, this would also make a nice gift.  It does contain walnuts so it pays to find out if your favorite client has any nut allergies before making a purchase!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Share your Mom Business and Receive a Free Feature Biz Post Ends 4/30

Are you interested in sharing your mom business with us?  Whether it's crafts, direct sales, etc., (no adult content please), I would like to feature you here on Michigan Home Mommy Works.

Just comment in the box below.  I will be moderating all comments.  If your business gets accepted as a comment, I will do a free featured biz post for you here on the blog.  It's just a great way to gain exposure and share what you love doing with others.

Featured mom posts are valued at $25 so here is your chance to get your noticed for free!  Feel free to spread the word. Please be sure your email is included in the post.  If it is not I cannot contact you to do a feature post, so please remember to include that detail.  This free opportunity ends 4/30!

I look forward to showcasing your business! Ready. Set. Post!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Money Making Business Mom

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Obviously, if you own a business your goal for it is to succeed right?  It's a challenge for some and just comes easy for others.  It definitely has not come easy for me.  My home business {type of work} is basically blogging.  If I am not earning money, at least I get free stuff for my family.  I wish I could pour more into it than I already do, but it's a choice I make as my 3 girls keep me busy on top of homeschooling.

As they grow older, I would like to invest more time into my blogging to see how much money I can actually accumulate over time.  I just don't know if I will ever return to the work world so it's nice to see if I can really make an income right in the comfort of my own home.


A few of years ago I was making over $1,000 a month all the while teaching part time.  This was before my third baby entered the scene and I wasn't homeschooling at the time.  It was wonderful.  Since then, I have had to die down significantly.  It's been a tough decision, but my kids mean more to me than money.  Thankfully, my husband is blessed with a great income so that I may stay at home.  This took 6 years for this to become a reality. 

If you work from home with a craft business, direct sales business, etc., what are your goals to succeed?  Are you achieving what you desire or do you need to put a plan in place?  I would love to hear from you.  I am trying not to become discouraged as I am making a small income, but desire to make much more.  Just a little torn, but the mommy side of me is winning at this point.  I am sure in time, I will achieve my goals and be the money making business mom I always dreamed of.

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