Thursday, March 28, 2013

Michigan Home Mommy Works on Break

Hello Michigan moms and visiting readers.  I hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed week.  I am blessed and thrilled so many of you have signed up for the upcoming Online Spring/Summer Guide. I am working behind the scenes to make it a reality for all of you.  The exciting part is that it will be featured in the new online magazine sometime in May. 

The online magazine also has 5 wonderful sponsors dedicated to helping launch it.  Again, very blessed by all of this.  Couldn't do this without dedicated and faithful readers.

Starting tomorrow until next Friday, Michigan Home Mommy Works will be on break.  I will be taking this time to spend time with my kids and extended family.  We had a loss in our family, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we wait for details.

I will still be checking my emails for questions, inquiries, etc., about the online magazine, guide, etc.  Please don't hesitate to contact me at

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter! God is so faithful......

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lavanila: The Healthy Fragrance Natural with Anti-Oxidants

Just recently, I sampled a lovely natural fragrance by Lavanila Laboratories.  The scent? Vanilla Passion Fruit.  It's a mini roller ball so you can apply as little or as much as you want.  The unique thing about this fragrance is; it is considered "The Healthy Fragrance, Natural with Anti-Oxidants."  Gotta love that right?  The scent is so sweet and pleasant. I wear it every chance I get.

"Created by master natural perfumers and backed by research, Lavanila’s Passion Fruit scent contains a blend of aphrodisiac oils, including blue lotus, clary sage, and juniper berry, which have long been touted for their power to boost confidence and stimulate hormonal responses."
Have you ever heard of Lavanila?  Here is an excerpt about Lavanila as seen on their website:

What we believe:
  • Beauty should be uncomplicated.
  • Harsh chemicals have no place in your beauty experience.
  • Pure, essential oils and active botanicals have every place in your beauty experience.
  • Our innovative formulas promise to lead a revolution in natural beauty.
  • Healthy is beautiful.
How we do it:
  • Through natural technology, we have replaced irritating, polluting chemicals with natural and organic ingredients.
  • We pack our products with over 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids your skin craves to be at its best.
  • Each of our ingredients is fresh, pure and proven to do what it’s supposed to do.
  • From our formulas to our packaging, everything we produce pampers and protects your body, your soul, and our planet.
  • We’re obsessive about quality. Nothing slips through the cracks.

This is so refreshing to hear.  It's so scary how many harsh chemicals are in perfumes, etc. these days.  I have been taking the extra effort to find things that are gentle and healthy not only for my skin, but for the skin of my family.

Lavanila comes in 8 wonderful scents:
  • Pure Vanilla
  • Vanilla Coconut
  • Vanilla Grapefruit
  • Vanilla Blackberry
  • Vanilla Blossom
  • Vanilla Lavendar
  • Vanilla Passion Fruit
  • Vanilla Summer
How much is one roller ball (10ml; .32 fl oz.) Vanilla fragrance cost?  $19.00.  Not too shabby.  Definitely worth the health benefits of the fragrance.  My favorite is that it contains natural anti-oxidants.  Purchase one here.  I would love to get a full size bottle spray of one of the Lavanila scents.  Those are currently $58.

Lavanila also contains a variety of other products such as:
  • Deodorant
  • Body
  • Baby
  • Sun
  • Gift Sets
Interested in this product?  Visit

Disclaimer:  I received a 10 ml; .32 oz sample of Vanilla Passion Fruit in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Source: Lavanila Laboratories
Images courtesy of Lavanila

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One Training Summer Camp 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

iPhone 5 ATLAS™ Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case

Moms, check out this new case for iPhone 5!

"The ultra-rugged ATLAS™ Case is the perfect solution for Moms everywhere; waterproof, dirtproof, and shockproof. With a tempered glass screen, the ATLAS™ Case is fully functional underwater up to 2m for one hour, has an IP-68 military rating, yet is sleek and stylish enough for every day wear!"

This most definitely is an ideal product for moms with little ones!  Check out the video below!

iPhone 5 ATLAS™ Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case:

Incipio®, designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories, is proud to announce that the highly anticipated iPhone 5 ATLAS™ Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case is now available for pre-order at

The first of its kind for the brand, Incipio’s innovative ATLAS™ case is waterproof, dustproof, drop and shockproof, and includes a simple to use App and water damage warranty. iPhone 5 ATLAS™ Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case includes user-friendly instructions and a simple to use App that allows users to complete warranty registration in a matter of minutes and store a copy of their receipt for convenient future access.

Incipio’s ground-breaking case is perfect for adventure anytime, anywhere, with waterproof gaskets for your charging port and headphone jack. The ATLAS™ case is waterproof up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) for 1 hour.
The ATLAS™ case provides the utmost protection for the mobile device while maintaining complete access to all ports, buttons, and controls. The case’s tempered glass covers the iPhone 5 screen to provide optical clarity and protection against harsh conditions and rough environments. Designed for added grip, the ATLAS™ case is amazingly slim and sleek despite its’ added layers of defense.

Check out the website for more information, videos, images, and to ORDER NOW! Click HERE.

For the latest product news and announcements connect with Incipio on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram @incipio


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal

Happy Wednesday!  How many moms here are expecting a sweet baby?  If not you, maybe you know of someone currently expecting.  Either way,  I have an awesome pregnancy journal to tell you about that may be of interest to you.  Feel free to share!

From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal by Geralyn Broder Murray is a chance for you to:

 "Showcase your baby's weekly progress with watercolor fruits and veggies-growing in size from pea to pumpkin---this journal is the perfect place to record the memories and thoughts most important to you.  Create a wonderful keepsake of your baby's journey and this incredible time just before you little one arrives."
This pregnancy journal includes:
  • Watercolor fruits and veggies-a new one for each week.
  • Dozens of easy, breezy fill-in prompts
  • Spots for ultrasounds and photos
  • Ribbon bookmark for easy place holding 
I so wish that From Pea to Pumpkin was available when I was expecting my sweet girls. The cover is so sweet and appealing and the inside is so precious.  It covers from week 6 to week 40 and then there is a final page where you can fill in details about the birth.  I love how each week has a picture of a fruit or vegetable comparing the size of the baby.  For example.... At week 6 the baby is the size of a pea. Week 11 the baby is the size of Brussels Sprout. At week 19 the baby is the size of an orange. At week 30 the baby is the size of a Cauliflower and so forth and so forth.  So cute!

About the Author

"Geralyn Broder Murray is a writer of advertising, books, and other things that make people happy/buy stuff/do stuff.  She keeps a blog at"

Feel free to enter their current giveaway here.

If you would like to follow from Pea to Pumpkin, follow there Facebook page here.  The author; Geralyn, posts really cute sayings there every day.

Interested in purchasing this unique pregnancy journal?  Check it out at Barnes and Noble!

I currently have one From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal  available to give away to one of our readers.  Even if you aren't expecting, but know of someone who is, this would make a great addition to a baby shower gift.  Feel free to enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter below.  It's for U.S residents only.  Ages 18+ may enter.

Image courtesy of From Pea to Pumpkin

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The 7 Minute Solution Book Promotion

The 7 Minute Solution: Time Strategies to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify your Life at Work and at Home
by Allyson Lewis
**Available now for the first time in paperback**
"The 7 Minute Solution: Time Strategies to Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify your Life at Work and at Home (Atria; January 1, 2013; $16.00), shows in concrete ways and through proven methods how small steps can lead to meaningful change.  Allyson Lewis, a renowned time-management expert and motivational speaker, explains in depth her key insight, firmly grounded in neuroscience-that change is often made up of tiny choices and habits, which must be made on a daily basis.  Lewis demonstrates how the choices and activities you decide to do every day can lead to major improvements in any facet of life.

Lewis has spent the last 27 years developing and teaching concrete yet actionable business ideas to executives all over the country.  The 7 Minute Solution stemmed from her personal desire to get more out of life: more hope, more joy, more purpose, and more meaning.  Lewis figured out how to become more productive, but soon realized that wasn't enough; she had to prioritize her values and life purpose in order to experience life at its very best."

"The 7 Minute Solution is an accessible, clever, and highly actionable guide to tackling sometimes overwhelming challenges in manageable chunks-an approach that Lewis backs up with plenty of real-life stories.  The powerful ideas in The 7 Minutes Solution offer a truly original approach to overcoming the sorts of hurdles we all face."

About the Author
A renowned time management, productivity speaker, and financial advisor, Allyson Lewis has spent the last 27 years developing and teaching concrete yet actionable business ideas to executives all over the country.  The author of 3 books, The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner, The Seven Minute Difference and the Million Dollar Car and $250,000 Pizza (Kaplan Publishing, 2000), Allyson has trained thousands of people in cities throughout the country including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Baltimore, and San Juan.  She is frequently asked to host motivational and educational public workshops through the country, often for major corporations such as Merrill Lynch and Walmart.  Allyson has been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information Television, and many other regional radio and television programs.  She lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with her husband, Mark Lewis, their two children, Abby and J. Mark and two Golden Retrievers, Buddy and Vero.  Learn more at:

Topics discussed throughout The 7 Minute Solution.....
7 Vital Signs
  1. Vital Sign 1: Are you Consciously Aware?
  2. Vital Sign 2: Are you Motivated?
  3. Vital Sign 3: Are you Growing and Learning?
  4. Vital Sign 4: Are you Engaged?
  5. Vital Sign 5: Are you Persevering?
  6. Vital Sign 6: Are you Living in a State of Flow?
  7. Vital Sign 7: Are You Living with Faith?
and much more!  I personally look forward to utilizing this book in my busy life. I love that all of the downloads on are free!  I am so excited about this book. Thank you to author; Allyson Lewis, for sharing this amazing and life changing book with Michigan Home Mommy Works and our readers.  It is a joy and a privilege!

You can purchase The 7 Minute Solution here.
Sources and Image Courtesy of: Simon and Schuster/Atria Books
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Meet Mary Kay Consultant: Cheryl Guttersohn

Happy Monday!  Today, I am delighted to share with you an amazing woman.  Not only is she a Mary Kay Consultant, she is a dear friend I have known since elementary school.  I was ecstatic when she contacted me to do a feature post here on Michigan Home Mommy Works.  Though she isn't a mom as of yet, her business appeals to moms alike. 

Cheryl recently became an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  Here is her story:

 "All my life, I played with make-up and even had “make-up parties” just to share what I could with all my friends!  Now I get the chance to do it as a business and offer every woman the opportunity to learn how to take proper care of her skin and enhance her features with amazing color application techniques!!!

“Passion: .Many things will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.” - Unknown

What also drew me to Mary Kay is it goes beyond the outside appearance.  The goal is to make sure women know they are beautiful on the inside too.  To give us the confidence to succeed in this world by making a way for women to make money regardless of education or past experiences.  To have value despite what we have heard in the past.  To create a new legacy for our children.  It’s an amazing business plan and one I would love to share with you. 
"My passion: Giving Women Hope."
mary kay
Please feel free to contact me for skin care classes, events you may have, ordering for you, or joining my team!  I have specials every month and would LOVE to share them with you!!!" "All of us deserve the chance to feel beautiful!"
You can reach me via my website here, or by phone: 734-395-1059.

Thank you Cheryl, for allowing me to showcase your business today.  It was a joy!

If you would like for your business to be featured here on Michigan Home Mommy Works, please contact me:  I look forward to working with you. 

Image courtesy of Mary Kay

Friday, March 15, 2013

Michigan Mom Biz Events: Mark your Calendars

Happy Friday!  As many of you already know, I am working behind the scenes to develop an online magazine for Michigan Home Mommy Works.  It is coming along beautifully.  Many of you signed up for the Spring/Summer Guide 2013 and a Sponsorship Package which will all be a part of the online magazine as well.

Another feature that will be added is "Mom Biz Events." This is where you get to submit upcoming events to share with our readers.  The nice thing about this feature is it will be free to do so.  Yay!  Gotta love free.  Though some options will be paid options, I still want to leave the freebie options open as well. 

To kick it off here on the blog, here are three upcoming "Mom Biz" events you will want to mark your calendars for:

One Training/Mommy-n-Me Zumba Class

Where? One Training, Novi Michigan
When?  Saturday, March 16, 2013
What Time? 11:00 am to Noon

Click HERE to for membership and sign-up info!
Follow One Training on Facebook

Northern Michigan Women's Expo
"Grab your friends and attend the 1st Annual Northern Michigan Women's Expo."

Where? Gaylord High School, Gaylord MI
When? Saturday, April 27, 2013
What Time? 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To sign up to be a vendor for this event, click HERE.
Follow North Michigan Women's Expo on Facebook.

Bridge Fest Craft Show

Where? Bridgeport, MI
When? Saturday, June 8, 2013
What Time? 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Free Admission and Parking)
"We are looking for handmade crafts!"

For more details about this Michigan mom event, click HERE.

Images courtesy of One Training and Northern Michigan Women's Expo

If you have any upcoming Michigan mom events you would like to share with us, please contact me at  This feature is always free!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Candy Inspired St. Patricks Day Jewelry


With St. Patricks Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share with you a new line of jewelry inspired by candy.

This is the kind of candy that I like.  No fat, sugar, or calories! Haha!
                                    Kiss Me Pendant Green Enamel

Kiss Me Gold Pendant
Clover Pendant
Stud Earrings

These Hershey Kisses birthstone necklaces are adorable too.  My girls would love these.................
                                Hershey Kiss May Birthstone Necklace
Some of the jewelry is a little pricey in my opinion, but they are still a lot of fun.  What do you think of this type of jewelry?  Would you purchase any of the items whether you are Irish or not?  I guess it's a unique way to celebrate St. Patricks Day.  It's always fun to see new ideas emerge.  Definitely a cute concept!

Images courtesy of Hershey and Sweethearts

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Networking and Partnerships


Happy Tuesday!  As I sit here planning and preparing for the upcoming online magazine, I started thinking about all of the opportunities that are made available to us that may better ourselves and our businesses, yet do we take them?  In the beginning of all of this, I must say that I was very intimidated and shy when it came to accepting opportunities.  I am now learning to take on anything of relevance as it provides room for more opportunities.  This thanks to a few mentors I have spoken to along the way.  My confidence has been boosted and I am now reaching out and connecting in a way that I have never dreamed.  It's been awesome!

Networking goes a long way with this, but you have to be dedicated to really put your name and product out there in order to get noticed.  In my case I am doing that with this blog and soon-to-be online magazine.  You definitely do not need a degree in this field to network.  My degree is in Child Development, who would have thought after all these years of utilizing it I would be a work from home mom doing this sort of thing?  Not me, not in a million years.  As a Christian, I firmly believe that God brought this path to me for a reason and I am ready to spread my wings and fly.  How about you?

What exactly is the definition of networking? "A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest: Working mothers in the community use networking to help themselves manage successfully."

This can be done in a variety of ways:
  • Social Networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Forums
  • Business events
  • Craft Fairs
  • Distributing business cards
If you can get creative in this area, I am sure the sky is the limit.  After networking, you can then begin to establish partnerships with other businesses.  How so?  This can simply be done through blogging, affiliate programs, or creating a contractual agreement with another business carrying on a joint business venture with a view to profit, etc.  It's a great way to bring business to the businesses present.  I have established my partnerships through blogging and campaigning. I look forward to branching out beyond that. Have you established any partnerships?

I have met some amazing mompreneurs just recently and I look forward to showcasing their businesses as I am excited to share yours.  This is my passion and well... it's kind of my hobby too.  Again, who would have thought?

If you would like to connect with me through advertising opportunities, feature biz posts, giveaways, etc., please contact me at:  I look forward to working with you.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tough Truths: The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don't Talk About Book Promotion


Tough Truths: The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don't Talk About is great for everyone interested in bettering themselves as a leader, especially while running a business.  It covers 10 lessons ranging from the Truth About your Politics to the Truth About the Way you Communicate!  Good stuff! 
Book Excerpt from Lesson #8
"Great leaders know that talking trash-big or small, often or infrequently-doesn't hurt the people they're talking about.  It hurts themselves. Deeply.  Why? Because trash gets spread, number one.  In fact, there are lots of people in our personal and professional circles who love to spread stuff we say around.  Even the ones we truly believe will hold our stuff sacred might just go and gab about it."
Book Excerpt from Lesson #10

"Great leaders know that every interaction is an opportunity to connect with people in a way that is relatable and professional.  To go a level deeper.  To be memorable in some way.  To get something-if not today, then perhaps tomorrow."
About the Author:

 "Deirdre Maloney is a nationally recognized speaker and author who uses her brand of "mild audacity" to validate and inspire.  She proudly runs Momentum LLC, which helps organizations meet their goals.....and their leaders sleep better at night.  Her first book, The Mission Myth, helps nonprofits meet their missions through better business.  Maloney currently lives in Sand Diego with her husband Jason."
For more information visit

A big thank you goes to Deirdre for submitting her book to Michigan Home Mommy Works so that we may promote it.  I look forward to utilizing the book myself.

Have a book you would like Michigan Home Mommy Works to promote or do an in-depth review with giveaway that relates to businesses, moms, etc.?  Feel free to contact me at 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mama Mio Lucky Legs: Revive Tired Legs

Calling All Moms..... 

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by the daily demands of life?  I think this is the life of a mom at one point or another. I am sure many of you agree with me regarding that statement.  It's easy to get caught up and completely overlook our physical needs such as hair, skin, etc. 

I was just recently presented with a product by Mama Mio that you may be interested in trying.  It's called Lucky Legs: rapid relief for heavy legs and feet.  If you are not familiar with Mama Mio, here is a brief excerpt:

Mama Mio Story

Way back in the early nineties, Sian and Kathy ran a small brand creation design agency called Miller Sutherland, specialising in beauty. That is how we met Tanya who was then working with a great aromatherapist. thus creating a team to develop a wonderful range of products giving us our first experience in the world of skincare retail. Fast forward 3 years and the three of us started to work together using our combined skills to create bespoke beauty ranges for brands and retailers. One of the perks of working in the beauty industry for so long and in so many different areas, is that we have built up a little black book of the very best biochemists, aromatherapists and skincare experts in the business. So when one of us had our first major skincare need (now called Charlie) we knew exactly what to do. Sian's pregnancy was the catalyst for our very first Mama Mio product, Tummy Rub. Continue reading........

One of the amazing products developed as mentioned above is a moisturizing serum rich in V-Tonic.  V-Tonic is an "incredible blend of safe essential plant oils combined with cooling Menthol, Spearmint, and zesty Lemon plus the soothing affects of Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Yarrow will make your legs feel loved."
Basically, you just apply directly to your knees all the way down to your toes.  You get instant refreshment to your tired legs.  I love the fact it leaves a shimmering and sparkly look to your skin.  The tingly feeling is fun too.  No more tired legs.  I bet this product would work wonders before or after a leg massage.  Here are some of the leg and feet issues that Lucky Legs helps alleviate:
  • Overworked muscles
  • Air travel
  • Swollen feet
  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
It is also said to work great for pre or post workouts or a night out in heels!  I think I will be giving it a shot for both of these.  Just using Mama Mio's Lucky Legs one time produced awesome results from a busy day on my feet.
Interested in purchasing Lucky Legs?  It is currently only $19.50 a bottle.  You can purchase this cooling serum at Mama Mio's website.
Michigan Home Mommy Works received a full sample of Mama Mio Lucky Legs in exchange for this post.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.
Images courtesy of Mama Mio
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And the Winner of the It Works! Ultimate Applicator Giveaway is..........

Lydia H.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered this giveaway!  We had 400 entries.  Lydia (Michigan Mom), will be recieving the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator.  Click HERE to read original post/giveaway.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Promotion: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renee Peterson Trudeau

Renee Peterson Trudeau

Slow Down...on the Inside
An Excerpt from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family
Think slow is for slackers?  I used to think so too.
Slowing down and doing less are easier said than done and they require a radical paradigm shift for most of us.  To start, we have to distinguish our inner life from our outward productivity in order to create a lifestyle that sustains us rather than wears us out.
When I was thirty years old, I was a public relations director in a very stressful job.  I fit the persona of an overachiever and I loved the strokes that came with overachieving; I was addicted to having a super busy mind, schedule, and life.  I was also exhausted and frankly doubted I could sustain this pace (really, this level of mental activity-or insanity).  Over time, my job, relationships, and well being were all suffering from my speeded-up life.
So I began working with a great therapist named Frances---She was really a presence coach.  Frances teaches clients how to slow down on the inside so that you can actually be more effective and wise in all areas of your life.  For the longest time, I thought, "This will never work from me. She just doesn't understand my world.  How can I slow down and still get things done?"  Successfully juggling and anticipating solutions for ten different projects simultaneously was my hallmark!  Slowly, I integrated her coaching into my life, and I began to understand the connection between my inner world, it had a huge impact: I lived more in the present, slowed down my thinking and anxiety, and improved  my mood in large part of creating more space between my thoughts and my reactions.  From stillness also came discernment: I began to see what really mattered to me, and my life purpose and path became clear.
My work with Frances during those years led directly to my work today.  It informed the model for balanced living that I teach and try to live by.  I have stilled this work into five balanced-living insights: practice "good is good enough," learn to manage your energy, ask for help, practice self-care, and become comfortable saying no.  Integrating these five practices or skills into your life can have a profound impact, and they have helped my clients to reclaim their lives, so they are in the driver's seat.
Strategies and Insights for Balanced Living
  1. Practice "good is good enough." Let go of expectations and the need to please-whether that's about housework, social events, exercise, volunteering, work, or kids' activities.  This practice isn't about being lazy or lowering your standards; it's about accepting your best effort for a given task as good enough, so you can devote your time and energy to what matters most, in the moment and at your current life stage.  Preparing for your son's fourth birthday party?  Invite everyone who matters in his world and serve popcorn and Popsicles in the park.
  2. Learn to manage your energy.  When you evaluate the tasks or activities before you, see them in terms of energy, not time.  These are not the same, and learning to manage our energy is more important.  Some people, situations, and things take more mental and and emotional energy than others-such as lunch with a friend who just lost her mom-and we need to allow for this.  We can first ask:  What today (or in my life) is most important to me?  What drains me?  What fueled me?  What do I need to release?  This helps us set our priorities and direct our energy more purposefully and effectively.
  3. Ask for help.  This is a biggie, and it can be life changing for those of us who are predisposed to go it alone.  But we're all interconnected, and miracles can happen when we allow support into our lives and learn to delegate.  Asking for support might mean tapping a potential mentor for advice or asking your kids to help prepare dinner.  Sometimes it's help for an actual task and at other times it may be emotional support as you weather a crisis or challenge.  Asking for support can make all the difference in how you experience your journey.
  4. Practice self-care.  Don't forget to add your own needs to your daily and weekly to-d0 lists.  Ask: What do I need right now to support my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being?  Then, tune in, listen, and respond.  Often, the kindest form of self-care is not over committing and over scheduling.  Release self-criticism or judgment that you aren't doing enough, whether that's keeping the house clean or starting a new project at work; this is an essential way to nurture and be more kind to ourselves.
  5. Become comfortable saying no.  Are you comfortable saying no and not over committing?  Saying no-to volunteer requests, extracurricular activities, an extra work project, unnecessary travel or trips-is on way we set limits and maintain boundaries.  We will need to say no many times in our lives.  However, most people find that the more they say no to things that are draining them or pulling them into overwork or overwhelm, the more space they have to say yes to those things that really matter---like reconnecting with your partner or dedicating time to getting your financial house in order.  Also, saying no gracefully is a learned skill and it takes practice; there are many ways to do so.  For instance, simple is often best; don't trot out a list of excuses.  Either decline directly and politely ("No, thanks, I'll have to pass on that") or keep the reason simple ("My time is already committed").  You can also say yes in a limited way ("I can't do that, but I could do this....") or even ask for more time to decide ("Can I get back to you?').  If you're worried the other person will take the answer no as a personal rejections, clarify that you're declining ("I'd love to see you, but this day won't work for me")  For more on this, see the "Nine Creative Ways to Say No" list in my book The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal.
For more on this, see the "Nine Creative Ways to Say No" list in my book The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal.

Life balance coach/speaker Renée Peterson Trudeau, is the author of the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.  Thousands of women in ten countries are participating in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, the award-winning The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal.  Visit her online at
Excerpted from the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family ©2013 Renée Peterson Trudeau.  Published with permission of New World Library


Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Mrs. Metro Detroit: Shannon Lazovski

Happy Friday!  I am so excited to share with you an amazing Michigan mompreneur full of admirable talents, accomplishments, and ambitions.  She is the reigning Mrs. Metro Detroit and headed to the Mrs. Michigan pageant this next coming week.  I would like to introduce you to:

Shannon Lazovski
Shannon and her husband Zoran have been married for 11 years and they have 2 children. She studied at Wayne State University where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  Shannon is the founder of fashion blogs; Detroit Fashion News, Glamorous Moms, and a local mom blog network called Detroit Mom Bloggers.  She is also the CEO of her own company SoGlam Media where she specializes in Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, and Blogger Partnerships for Michigan businesses and household brands.  She's passionate about sharing her Image and Style Consulting talents with women, especially moms who are looking to get their "groove  back" through blogging, consulting, and public speaking.  In her spare time, Shannon is dedicated to her volunteer work through Women Helping Women and Habitat for Humanity.
This past week, I received the awesome privilege of interviewing Shannon.  Here are the notes from our recent interview:

Michigan Home Mommy Works:  Thank you Shannon for taking time out to answer a few questions for our readers today.  Tell me a little bit about yourself.  How long have you been married?  How many kids?

Shannon Lazovski: "I have been married for 11 years, but my husband and I really have been together for almost 19 years total. We have two beautiful children together, Livia is 9 and Mikhail is 6.  Both will have birthdays in a couple of weeks."

Michigan Home Mommy Works: What inspired you to start SoGlam Media?  Can you tell me a little bit more about your amazing company?

Shannon Lazovski: "Five years ago, I started blogging about fashion, beauty, and all the girly things in life.  It was my outlet to talk about products, sales, shopping, and great fashion finds.  As a stylist it was also a great avenue to give fashion advice and style online through my posts.  It was important to me to share my thoughts on what a TRUE Glamorous Mom is and through my eyes it's every mom.

I used to and still do, use my blog to reach out to all of the moms out there to let them know it's okay to think about themselves once in a while.  Sometimes after a woman becomes a mom, she tends to forget about herself and some even do not recognize themselves in the mirror (sweats, hair in a bun, puke on shoulder).  I get it because I was once a beauty queen that was that exact mom looking at the mirror asking myself, "What happened?"  Through my beauty and fashion posts, I try to connect with those moms to help them remember that they truly are beautiful and that they still have it!  The blog is called Glamorous Moms.  A few years later I stared Detroit Fashion News.  Having love for my state and city and a deep love for fashion, I wanted a blog that was strictly about fashion and connecting it with great Michigan citizens and their brands/stores/talents etc. was important to me too.

I managed my own sites, my own brand, and my own online reputation.  Once companies began to see my success, the success of my brand, and my positive work ethics, they started hiring me to do the same for their brand as I was doing for my own.  I actually didn't go out and seek the social media manager path, the path found me.  And I never turn down opportunities. When opportunities come my way, I always say "yes" and panic later if I have to, but I always follow through and execute to the best of my ability.  I never turn down a good opportunity. So many people struggle to find their path.  When a strong/positive path comes our way, we have to take it!

After working with several local brands here in Michigan, I decided to go public with SoGlam Media.  Many may have been shocked by the announcement because everyone knew me as the "Glamorous Mom" but really, I was doing the work for Michigan businesses for a little over a year anyway so putting all efforts under one media umbrella seemed like the perfect option.  It was time to expand and I was ready.

SoGlam Media is a full service social media company focusing on social media management, blogger partnerships, and online reputation management.  SoGlam Media also runs Glamorous Moms and Detroit Fashion News."

Michigan Home Mommy Works: I was excited to learn that you are entering the Mrs. Michigan Pageant as Mrs. Metro Detroit.  What was your inspiration to move forward with this adventure?

Shannon Lazovski: "When I was younger, I was a model and competed in many beauty pageants, locally and nationally.  When I was 22, I was on top of my game and was ready for the big state pageant-Miss Michigan USA.  I felt it at that time.  In my bones and in my heart, I knew it was my time.  Two weeks before the pageant, I was in a terrible car accident that left me broken in so many places.  Needless to say, I could not compete and spent the entire year focusing on my health, rehabilitation, and college education.  It was a very hard year.  I never went back to modeling professionally.  And to make a long story short, I finished college, got married, had two children, and her I am.  I am a business woman, a mom, and a wife.  I'm not that pageant girl I used to be, but when the pageant director heard about me and surprised with with a cold call one day, I knew God brought the path back to me and I had to take the opportunity that was being set before me.  My inspiration today is much different than when I was young and naive.  I hope to finish what I started and be a role model for all the women and moms out there, to show them to never give up on themselves or their childhood dreams.  Everything happens for a reason.  And if we open our minds and our hearts, we will see the opportunities that come back for us if they are truly meant to be.  And I know in my heart, this one is meant for me." 

Michigan Home Mommy Works: If you win the title of Mrs. Michigan, what happens next?

Shannon Lazovski: "I will compete for the Mrs. America crown in August in Arizona."

Michigan Home Mommy Works: What are your ultimate goals other than winning and stepping up to the crown of Mrs. Michigan?  How will this impact your life and the life of your family?

Shannon Lazovski: " For one, winning will validate not being able to be crowned at Miss Michigan USA when I was young.  Just being honest.  That's just a tiny personal reason though.  Mainly, winning will give me the opportunity to take my brand and my platform higher.  Women Helping Women is such a strong statement that all women need to hear.  We need to help each other and build each other up instead of tearing each other down.  I plan to take my platform and my efforts with Grace Centers of Hope; Women Helping Women, and Habitat for Humanity Detroit with me, to bring more awareness to these great organizations as well.  Winning will also allow my voice to be heard on a national level.  I want to be a positive role model and expand my relationships and efforts."

Michigan Home Mommy Works: What does your husband and children think about this exciting journey heading into the Mrs. Michigan Pageant?

Shannon Lazovski: "My husband and I were dating at the time of my car accident so he understands both the deep pain and excitement I feel in my heart.  This is something I have to do and he gets it.  He is extremely supportive.  I seriously couldn't ask for a more understanding husband.  As for my kids, it's like they are meeting someone new. (lol) They are thrilled and so excited for me.  And in return, I am so proud to be a positive role model for them.  This will show them mom doesn't give up, mom isn't afraid, and mom has motivation, drive, and determination.  If I don't win, they will still see me try and bring all of these qualities to the stage.  When you have a daughter, these things are very important."

Michigan Home Mommy Works: When does the pageant take place and where?

Shannon Lazovski: "The Mrs. Michigan Pageant is Saturday, March 9th, at Grandville Highschool.  Show starts at 7pm.  The details can be found at"

Michigan Home Mommy Works:  If you could give all of our mom readers any piece of advice, what would it be?

Shannon Lazovski: "To all of the moms out there, take the time to look in the mirror and recognize how beautiful you are.  Second, if there is a childhood dream or opportunity you have always wished for, but never had a chance to achieve, go for it! Now is your time!"

Thank you-Shannon Lazovski 2/28/2013

I want to thank Shannon again for sharing her inspirational story and background with us.  It has been an absolute honor, joy, and privilege.  I pray that we can all shoot for the stars in our goals and ambitions.  I know that Shannon has confirmed a lot of things in myself and for that I am truly blessed and thankful.

Image and Info courtesy of Shannon Lazovski

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